First Announcement and Call for Papers

ILLA / LTL '2009




October 4–8, 2009

Smolyan, Bulgaria


ILLA '2009

X International Conference




LTL '2009

VI International Symposium



Organized by:

·          Russian Academy of Sciences

·          Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

·          Institute on Laser and Information Technologies RAS

·          Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

·          Institut National de Metrologie, CNAM, Paris, France

·          Cluster Laser & Optics, Bulgaria

·          Saedinenie - Technologies and Innovations Company, Sofia, Bulgaria

·          OPTELA – Optical Tehnologies JSCo / Satura JSCo, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

·          Technical University - Sofia , Branch Plovdiv


In Co-Operation with and Sponsored by:

·          Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation

·          Ministry of Economy of Republic Bulgaria

·          Russian Foundation for Basic Research

·          Russian Research Center “Kurchatov Institute”

·          Plovdiv University “Paisii Hilendarski

·          Municipality Smolyan


Conference Chair

E. Velikhov, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Research Center “Kurchatov Institute”, Russia

Organizing Committee


P. Neichev, Saedinenie Corporation, Bulgaria


A. Akhmanov, Inst. on Laser and Information Technologies, Russia

P. Staykov, OPTELA Optical Technologies JSCo, Bulgaria


A. Bondarenko, Inst. on Laser and Information Technologies, Russia

V. Dubrov, Inst. on Laser and Information Technologies, Russia

I. Voronin, Inst. on Laser and Information Technologies, Russia

L. Obukhova, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia

V .Ribarov Optical Technologies JSCo, Bulgaria

Z. Slavova Optical Technologies JSCo, Bulgaria

S. Slavov Optical Technologies JSCo, Bulgaria

P. Todorova Optical Technologies JSCo, Bulgaria


Program Committee


V. Panchenko, Inst. on Laser and Information Technologies, Russia

N. Sabotinov, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences,  Bulgaria


V. Golubev, Inst. on Laser and Information Technologies, Russia

M. Himbert, Institut National de Metrologie-INM/CNAM, Paris, France

M. Nenchev, Inst. of Electronics BAS, Technical Univ. – Sofia, Branch – Plovdiv, Bulgaria


A. Akhmanov, Inst. on Laser and Information Technologies, Russia

L. Avramov, OPTELLA Co. Ltd., Bulgaria

P. Apanasevich, Inst. of Physics, Belarus

V. Bagratashvili, Inst. on Laser and Information Technologies, Russia

V. Betelin, System Research Institute, Russia

D. Chorvat, International Laser Center, Slovakia

F. Dausinger, Stuttgart Univ., Germany

G. Ferrante, University of Palermo, Italy

V. Gordienko, Moscow State Univ., Russia

A. Ionin, P.N. Lebedev Physics Inst., Russia

J. Kodymová, Inst. of Physics, Czech Republic

A. Larichev, Moscow State Univ., Russia

O. Louchev, Nat. Inst. For Material Science, Japan

O. Novodvorskii, Inst. on Laser and Information Technologies, Russia

V. Sokolov, Inst. on Laser and Information Technologies, Russia

V. Ribarov, OPTELA– Optical Technologies JSCo, Bulgaria

A. Serafetinides, National Technical Univ. of Athens, Greece

V.N. Zadkov, Moscow State Univ., Russia

A. Zheltikov, Moscow State Univ., Russia

N. Zheludev, University of Southampton, UK

Scientific Secretary of Conference

M. Deneva, Technical Univ.-Plovdiv, Bulgaria

P. Todorova Optical Technologies JSCo, Bulgaria



The X International Conference “Laser and Laser-Information Technologies: Fundamental Problems and Applications” (ILLA '2009) continues the conferences “Industrial Lasers and Laser Applications”, that started in 1985 and were organized by the Institute on Laser and Information Technologies of RAS (Shatura, Moscow Region).

The VI International Symposium “Laser Technologies and Lasers” (LTL '2009) continues the OPTELA – Optical Technologies tradition in organizing international conferences, business-forums and symposia, dedicated to the industrial application of laser technologies, co-located with the famous International Plovdiv Fair.

The purpose and intention of the conference is to establish and develop international scientific contacts and collaboration among the scientists and engineers, working in the fields of lasers, photonics, laser applications, laser-information technologies.



1. Industrial Laser Technologies, Advanced Laser Technologies for Material Processing

2. Novel Laser Systems and Applications, High-Power Lasers and Applications

3. Laser Systems for High Precision Measurements, Information Processing and Communication

4. Short Optical Pulses, High Field Science with Lasers

4. Laser Technologies for Medical Physics and Biomedicine

5. Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications


The conference technical program will feature invited (30 min) papers and selected contributed oral (15 min), poster, and post deadline papers.

Language: English will be the official language of the conference, and will be used for all printed materials, presentations, and discussions.



The conference will be held in Smolyan, Bulgaria, that is a mountain town, situated in the Western Rhodopy Mountains, at about 1000 meters above the sea level.

The Rhodopy Mountains are famous as a land of the ancient Thracian tribes and the legendary country of the Mythical Orpheus.

With it’s museums, theatre, educational institution, planetarium (which is a member of the established by Karl Sagan international organisation, called “Planetary community”) and the Rojen National Observatory (the biggest on the Balkan Peninsula), the town is recognized as a regional cultural and educational center. The favourable climate conditions, preserved traditional way of life and customs, as well as the specific architecture contribute to the establishment of the town as a considerable tourist center.

The well known Pamporovo mountain resort is located about ten kilometres from Smolyan and offers splendid hotels, a number rest houses, ski tracks and many other attractions.

There is a number of cultural and historical attractions in the region of Smolyan like Smolyan Mountain Lakes, The Uhlovitsa Cave, Agushevi Konatsi Fores dated from the Middle ages, and the Shiroka Luka architectural reserve.




The Conference sessions will be held in this hotel.


Smolyan town located 250 km from Sofia – the capital of Bulgaria and Sofia’s international airport. During the Conference the transportation from Sofia to Smolyan and back would be provided for all participants.



Invited, regular oral and poster presentations at the conference sessions will be published in the Proceedings of the Conference


We request that full texts of all oral or poster presentations included in the conference Program are to be submitted in the Conference Proceedings. To ensure high-quality Proceedings, all manuscripts will be reviewed by the Conference Program Committee and Proceedings editors for technical merit and content. Camera-ready manuscripts are required and must be submitted in English due date. Late manuscripts run the risk of not being published.


If an author does not attend the meeting and makes a presentation, the editor may choose not to publish the author's manuscript in the Conference Proceedings.


Submission of Manuscripts Due Date: At the Conference registration.






Conference significant dates:

Abstracts submission deadline                                                  April  30, 2009

Conference pre-registration deadline                                         July 30, 2009

Paper full text submission deadline                                           October 5, 2006



Contact Information: ILLA / LTL '2009


Institute on Laser and Information Technologies

Moscow, 117971, Gubkina Str. 3, office 514

Phone: +7 495 135 54 30

Fax: +7 495 135 02 54

E-mail: illa2009@laser.ru


“OPTELA – Optical Technologies” JSCo

1, Prof. Zvetan Lazarov Str.

4023, Plovdiv

Phone: +359 32 622673

Fax: +359 32 633 549

E-mail: ltlplovdiv@optela.com


Conference web-site: http://illa2009.laser.ru